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Our Launch Academy teaches:

How to Plan and Launch Your Business

How to Monetize Your License and Clinical Skills

Real Niche Markets that are Lucrative and Unsaturated Now!

How to Position Yourself and Grow Your Business

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STEP # 1

View the Quick Start Video, explaining how I started my own 6 figure consulting business within 3 years: and how you can too!

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If you have the interest and the commitment.

This investment will educate you on:

  • Specific areas of opportunity
  • How to market your business and gain clients
  • How to keep yourself clinically relevant at the same time.

STEP # 3

When you are ready to start, we will help you with a detailed education and consult on one of three areas of proven success in RN consulting. These opportunities are available right now and are wide open.

STEP # 4

After our mentorship, you will be ready to: 
  • Gain Clients
  • Establish your business processes
  • Collect your new income
  • Launch your business!

One on One Consult

Are you a registered nurse looking to improve your work situation? Our one-on-one medical consultations provide personalized advice and guidance to help you take control of your career. Our experienced professionals will work with you to identify areas for growth and provide strategies for success. Don’t let work stress get you down – schedule a consultation today and take the first step toward a more fulfilling career.

If you receive your first case inquiry while enrolled in the LNC Launch Academy program, we will work with you at the elbow to have what you need during the case.

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